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What we offer schools


  • The most trusted wellbeing and PSHE programme for children aged 3-11 in the UK

  • Combines unique, memorable lesson delivery with comprehensive online resources

  • Evidence-based and Ofsted-aligned

As a Delivery Partner of the UK’s leading health, drug and emotional wellbeing education programme, Coram Life Education, we'll provide you with a whole-school approach to improving children's wellbeing and progress, based on the core values of Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience and Friendship (SCARF) and developed with the knowledge that improving children's health and wellbeing improves their academic attainment.


We do this through combining expert education workshop delivery and comprehensive, online wellbeing and Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education resources, including planning and assessment tools.

Our unique, interactive workshops deepen children's engagement and increase their learning outcomes whilst being flexible around your school's needs. We use a wide range of teaching and learning styles - whole class discussion, paired work, reflection, hands-on activities, music, drama, games and puppetry - to ensure that every child is able to learn in a way that suits them; and specific, positive teaching techniques to increase children's interest, raise their self-esteem and boost their learning further.

The SCARF online resources accompanying our workshops (at no additional cost) enable teachers to continue to deliver engaging, interactive PSHE lessons that will stimulate children's imagination and curiosity throughout the school year.

Visit our Resources section to find out more.

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